Folgen Transformers R.I.D. / Robots in Disguise

    Battle Protocol!

    An Explosive Situation

    Bullet Train to the Rescue

    Spychangers to the Rescue

    The Hunt for Black Pyramid

    The Secret of the Ruins

    Sideburn's Obsession

    Secret Weapon: D-5

    Mirage's Betrayal

    Skid Z's Choice

    Tow-Line Goes Haywire

    The Ultimate Robot Warrior

    Hope for the Future

    Gigatron's Ambitions Revealed!

    The Decepticons



    Attack from Outer Space

    The Test

    The Fish Test

    Wedge's Short Fuse


    Sky-Byte Saves the Day

    A Test of Metal

    Ultra Magnus

    Ultra Magnus: Forced Fusion!

    Lessons of the Past

    Assemble! New Troops

    The Two Faces of Ultra Magnus

    Power to Burn!

    Fortress Maximus

    Koji Gets His Wish

    A Friendly Contest

    Peril from the Past

    Maximus Emerges

    The Human Element

    Mystery of the Ultra Magnus

    Gelshark's Blues

    Mistaken Identity

    Surprise Attack!

    Galvatron's Revenge

    The Final Battle Das Jesusmärchen |